1.1 Patch Note

  1. Fixed a bug that sometimes did not show the Miner in the Miner placement pop-up.
  2. Fixed a bug that was not registered when some lands pressed the Bonus Registration button.
  3. Fixed a bug where the Free Jasper button was still active even after receiving the Free Jasper.
  4. Fixed a bug where the Bonus Jasper acquisition quantity was displayed outside the display area.
  5. In the case of EXTRACTION the LAND or Miner that was being mined, the Mining session has been canceled.
  6. The Miner batch pop-up has been modified to display the amount of Miner being loaded.
  7. In the case of a claim, the amount of Jasper displayed on the mining screen is updated to 0.
  8. It was changed to AUTO -> 1DAY on the FEED screen.
  • Individual compensation has been given to holders who have suffered disadvantages from bugs that fall under the above items.



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