1.2 Patch Note

2 min readAug 17, 2022


Functional improvement

1. Add Quick Feeding Features

  • Now, you can use Quick Feeding immediately after mining to resume mining more conveniently.
  • The 100% or 1DAY button allows you to recover the energy of the Miners placed in the LAND at once.

2. Enhancements to Free Jasper-related features

  • You can check the number of registered LANDs by placing the cursor over the Free Jasper button.
  • Displays the registered number, not the number you can receive.
  • If there is an unregistered LAND, guide it in more detail with a red dot.

3. It has been modified to log out automatically when you change your wallet.

Bug fixes

1. Fixed a bug where the button was not updated sometimes to time after Claim.

2. By building a flexible node environment, we minimized the phenomenon of LAND and Miner not being visible.

3. Fixed a bug that could not be mined again if the miner was forcibly extracted during mining.

4. Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to obtain Free Jasper for newly registered LAND.

5. Fixed a bug where the UI looked abnormal in the mobile environment.

  • A holder who has suffered disadvantages due to bugs in the above items will be compensated individually.




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