1.3 Patch Note

2 min readAug 31, 2022


Functional improvement

  1. Add Miner Viewer functionality.
  • Previously, data was not reflected in Opensea even if Miner was enhanced. (I had to press Refresh every time to check the changed data.)
  • Now, in Opensea, you can see Miner’s ability right in the image
  • After the update must press the Refresh Button once for each Miner to apply the Viewer.
  • After the Viewer call, you can immediately view the Miner’s data with the Viewer without Opensea Refresh.

2. Expand LAND Selection Space

  • The LAND selection space has been expanded to make it easier to select LAND.

3. Fixed the LAND selection menu

  • The LAND selection menu was closed every time I selected LAND, so I had to open it again.
  • If you select LAND, the LAND selection menu is modified so that it does not close, and you can conveniently choose other LANDs.

4. Add Sort Button

  • The sorting button was added to the LAND selection menu and modified so that it can be checked in the order of grade.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that sometimes appeared to have LAND disabled.
  2. Fixed the bugs that sometimes Free Jasper, Mining Start, and Claim did not work.
  • From August 26th to 27th, the holder who suffered disadvantages due to bugs that fall under the above items will be compensated.

- For holders who have not received FreeJasper, a day’s worth of FreeJasper will be given.
- Jasper and Galena, equivalent to a day’s worth of mining, will be given to all holders.




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