A Letter From Executive Producer

2 min readMay 13, 2022


Dear all, This is The Executive PD of KEROZ Project.

Sincerely Appreciate the many holders who participated in KEROZ’s first minting.

Now that the first NFT sale has been made, we greet the holders who participated in KEROZ’s first NFT MINTING to talk about how we have prepared this project so far and what plans and goals we will develop in the future.

Team KEROZ comprises veteran developers from famous Korean game companies such as NCsoft, XLgames, Gravity, Nexon, Sega, Barunson E&A, Etc., and has teamwork that has worked together for many years. In addition, we have seasoned development know-how in Hack & Slash genre from the past, and we are preparing a lot to give you new fun based on these strengths.

Due to its nature, the blockchain gaming market is alluring in providing users with empirical and productive values for gameplay and growing the ecosystem together. Therefore, we plan various new challenges that seamlessly combine multiple in-game elements and blockchain technologies in the KEROZ project.

As the main content of RPG games, we are developing a variety of elements, including a seamless combination of combat and growth systems and a governance community-based guild system enjoyed by multiple users for common goals.

Above all, KLEROS LAND’s ownership and operation (Own2Earn), which is the beginning of everything, is used as content, continuously increasing user experience and NFT value.

In addition, we are preparing various partnerships and ecosystem expansion for the KEROZ project to settle in the global blockchain game ecosystem successfully.

As many of you already know, cooperating with various partners such as NEXON Thailand and Nasmedia will also successfully settle in the global blockchain game market. In addition, we collaborated with K-guild and 0xTribe to support the Scholarship ecosystem where users can expand and share their game user experiences.

Our team also worked with KlaySwap and MeshSwap to make it easier for users to exchange various assets. In addition, to expand the blockchain ecosystem, we worked with Kenome, Meta Toy DragonZ, Dominus Games, MyTems, and Naddic Games, and cooperated with P2EALL to deliver various news faster.

We need to make fun games, but it is also crucial to provide an environment where users can use games quickly and conveniently. Therefore, our team will continue to prepare various partnerships that users need.

Furthermore, Team KEROZ is considering expanding into a broader and more diverse ecosystem to adopt a point of contact with more global users, and we are still discussing various collaborations.

Lastly, “NFT Airdrop” will take place in May, and “NFT Reveal” will occur shortly after Airdrop. A more detailed schedule will be announced next week, so we would appreciate it if you continue to pay a lot of attention and watch.

Looking forward to your support and interest continuously.

Executive Producer of KEROZ




Finally, Hack & Slash meets Crypto!🛡️ The KEROZ is an exciting action RPG that slashes away everything!⚔️