1 min readDec 16, 2022

Dear KEROZ holders.
To celebrate the end of the year, we prepared AMA and Giveaway events to communicate with the holders.
Before the AMA, we want to hear various opinions from holders, so please participate in the survey.

1. Collect AMA surveys

- Start date: December 19 (UTC 06:00 KST 15:00)
- Submission Deadline: December 23 (UTC 06:00 KST 15:00)
- The survey link will be released on Twitter on December 19.

2. AMA Progress Date

- AMA Start Date: December (28 UTC 11:00 KST 20:00)
- It will run for an hour and can change depending on the progress.

3. AMA Channel

- AMA Channel Opens 10 Minutes Before Start
- All Discode participants are admitted
- AMA Chat Authority: KEROZ Holder (Holder, Magic, Rare, Unique Role Granter)

4. AMA Sequence

- Answering pre-question
- Real-time Q&A
- Mintpass Winners Announcement and Miner NFT Airdrop Draw Event

5. Giveaway Event

- MintPass NFT Airdrop: 5 of the survey respondents are drawn
- Miner NFT Airdrop: 10 of the AMA channel attendance are drawn
- Airdrop schedule: TBA

* AMA will be held in Korean, and the main contents will be translated into English and released.




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