KEROZ Lite Version — Fishing CBT Notice

2 min readOct 27, 2022

Finally, today, a pilot service of the Lite version of Fishing will be opened.

  • Fishing CBT Open Date: October 27 [UTC 12:30] [KST 21:30]
  • CBT Period: October 27 to November 2

We will open Lite Version by supplementing issues found through CBT, and all items and goods acquired during CBT will be initialized.
Lite Version Open Schedule: To be announced later

As announced, Land registration is required to play Fishing.
The bait quantity will be automatically updated in-game at the time of renewal (UTC 03:00. KST 12:00) according to the tier and number of registered LANDs.

  • 1 Tier Unique Land: 12 Baits per day
  • 2 Tier Rare Land: 5 Baits per day
  • 3 Tier Magic Land: 2 Baits per day

* Holder registered 1 Tier Land and 4 Tier Land 3 will renew up to 20 bait per day.
* If five are left after consuming 15 baits, it will be renewed to 20 baits instead of 25 baits at the next bait renewal. (The renewal will not accumulate the bait.)
* If you purchase the bait and have 30, it will remain 30 at the next renewal, not 20.
* If the number of registered lands decreases, the number of baits renewed at the next renewal will decrease.

The bait renewal quantity and the probability and acquisition quantity of other items that can be acquired within the game are subject to change when the Lite Version is opened.

Lite Version is temporarily available for gameplay tests and land upgrades for holders, so all acquired items and goods can be initialized later.

We appreciate the holders waiting, and we ask for players’ participation.




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