Keroz Lite Version — Fishing Guide

4 min readOct 25, 2022


We informed players about the website of the Lite version the other day.

The Lite Version homepage will be opened today, as we told players, and in line with this, I would like to inform players about the Lite Version — Fishing.

  • Fishing Open Date: October 27

0. Preparing to fish

(1) Wallet Connection

- To proceed with the Lite version, players must link the wallet that owns the land in Keroz Universe to the player’s account.

- Accounts that do not have land are restricted from entering the game.

- Players can’t use it simply by having a LAND in the player’s wallet. Players must send it to the Keroz Universe.

(2) Land registration for bait acquisition

- Players need bait to fish, which can be obtained through land registration, just like a Freejasper.

- Depending on the number of tiers and possessions of the registered land, the bait will be automatically provided in-game at the next bait renewal time (UTC 03:00. KST 12:00).
* The more register for a land with a higher tier, the more bait get

- Land that has not been registered is excluded from the providing bait, so please register.
* Do not need to re-register a land that has previously been registered to obtain a Free Jasper.

- The bait is updated to the maximum quantity according to the number of lands registered at the time of renewal and will not accumulate.
Ex) If players have five baits when the number of baits is 10 per day, players will receive up to 10 baits instead of 15 at the time of renewal. However, if players purchase more than ten bait and hold it, it will not decrease at the time of renewal.

1. Select a character

  • Players can select a character from the Lite Version client that players run through the launcher and then enter Keroz Island to fish.
  • The characters consist of night, archer, wizard, and hammerer, and each character wears arbitrarily set equipment.
  • This equipment is provided only to proceed with the Lite version and will be initialized at the end of the Lite version.

2. Entering the fishing area

  • After players enter Keroz Island by selecting a character, players can go to the fishing spot in the center and fish.
  • Characters can be moved by arrow keys.

3. Fishing

  • Players can start fishing by using one bait.
  • Fishing is a timing action and consists of three levels.
  • Pressing the ‘Strike!’ button when the cursor is located in the Strike Zone may result in a better reward or move up to the next level.
  • If players fail Strike, players get a reward, so don’t worry. However, the more successful the Strike is at a higher level, the better the reward pool will be.

4. Rewards

Rewards can be checked through the Collection tab or exchanged for other items.

(1) Fish


- It’s the most common reward for fishing. It consists of 1 to 10 levels of fish and is exchanged for the will of Cleros or used to make fishing rods.

(2) Will of Kleros

Will of Kleros

- Will of Kleros to gain primarily by exchanging fish will be used for future LAND upgrades.

(3) Fishing rod

Fishing rod

- The fishing rod can be made using fish, Will of Kleros, and up to five steps can be made.

- Making a fishing rod increases the probability of fishing in the second and third levels.

- It is known that rare fish are needed to make high-level fishing rods and that the last-stage fishing rod can only be made by the chosen person.

(4) Miner Card Pack

Miner Card pack

- If players are very lucky while fishing, players can get a Miner card pack.

- The miner card pack is a very valuable item that allows players to get a miner for free from the miner sales that will be updated later.

- The card pack is divided into Magic, Rare, and Unique, and the better the card pack, the more likely it is to pick a higher-grade miner.




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