KEROZ Membership Event!

2 min readMay 23, 2022


KEROZ Membership Event

  • According to the number of Mint Pass held, Airdrop the Membership TAG (NFT)
  • Take a snapshot of the holder wallet on June 7 (UTC 03:00, KST 12:00)
  • Based on the number of Mint Pass held at the time of the snapshot, the Membership TAG (NFT) will be airdrop. (June 10 airdrop)

20 NFT holders: Unique Membership TAG airdrop
10 NFT holders: Rare Membership TAG airdrop
3 NFT holders: Magic Membership TAG airdrop

* You will receive it sequentially from a high level of TAG.
(e.g., If you have 27 NFTs, you will receive 1 Unique TAG and 2 Magic TAG.)

  • Membership TAG holders can enter the Membership-only community.

*However, you must have a corresponding number of NFTs(LAND, Mint Pass) for each membership TAG to enter the community or maintain the permissions.

20 NFTs and Unique TAG: Unique Membership Role grants (Change to Orange color ID)
10 NFTs and Rare TAG: Rare Membership Role grants (Change to Purple color ID)
3 NFTs and Magic TAG: Magic Membership Role grants (Change to Blue color ID)

  • Membership-Only Community opens on June 21.
  • Membership can be certified by The verify-holder.
  • Each Membership TAG is tradeable on
  • Users who do not receive Airdrop at this time can also receive Membership roles if they have TAG and the required quantity of KEROZ NFTs (Mint pass, Land).

* Users with each Membership Role can benefit from events such as AirDrop in the future.




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