KEROZ Membership Event!

  • According to the number of Mint Pass held, Airdrop the Membership TAG (NFT)
  • Take a snapshot of the holder wallet on June 7 (UTC 03:00, KST 12:00)
  • Based on the number of Mint Pass held at the time of the snapshot, the Membership TAG (NFT) will be airdrop. (June 10 airdrop)
  • Membership TAG holders can enter the Membership-only community.
  • Membership-Only Community opens on June 21.
  • Membership can be certified by The verify-holder.
  • Each Membership TAG is tradeable on
  • Users who do not receive Airdrop at this time can also receive Membership roles if they have TAG and the required quantity of KEROZ NFTs (Mint pass, Land).



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Finally, Hack & Slash meets Crypto!🛡️ The KEROZ is an exciting action RPG that slashes away everything!⚔️