KEROZ Universe — Minerpack Reveal Update Notice

2 min readJan 26, 2023

Today, we’d like to share some news with those participating in Lite Version

The Minerpack Reveal System that holders have been waiting for will be updated.

  • Minerpack Reveal Update Date: January 31st [UTC 05:00. KST 14:00]

Minerpack can obtain by participating in the light version.

  1. Link wallet to Google account

To Reveal a Minerpack, you need to log in with a wallet linked to the Google account holding the Minerpack.

Holders can link Google accounts on the Lite Version website.

2. Minerpack Reveal

(1) Select the Reveal menu on the left top.
(2) Select the Minerpack tab.
(3) Select the Minerpack you want to conduct the Reveal
(4) Press the ‘Start to Reveal’ button.
* After some loading time, the Revealed Miner appears.(Takes up to 10 seconds)

3. Minerpack Probability

When revealing a Minerpack, you can obtain a miner according to the probability for each pack.

Miner probabilities for each Minerpack are shown below(Miner acquisition probability is the same as the existing miner airdrop probability)

Minerpack cannot be traded, and miners acquired through Reveal can be traded, mined, and upgraded just like the existing miner.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the holders supporting us.




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