Klip Wallet Service Notice

2 min readJul 19, 2022


The KEROZ homepage will not support the Klip wallet.
- Only Kaikas and Metamask will be supported Klip is not available from the time of mining launch.

We recommend that you transfer the NFT stored in the Klip wallet to the Kaikas wallet.
The method of transferring NFT to Kaikas wallet is as follows.

* Using the Bluewale Protocol: https://app.bluewhale-protocol.com/

1. Wallet connection
- Connect the Klip wallet that keeps KEROZ NFT

2. Check the NFT address in Open Sea
- Verify the address of the NFT (Mint Pass, Land, Membership Tag, Miner) you have.
- After accessing Opensea, select any NFT from the KEROZ Collection to select the Contract Address of Details.

- In the Klaytn Scope that is created when Contract Address is selected, press Copy to copy the NFT address.

3. Add NFT to Address
- Select Send Token/NFT -> Add NFT to Address in the order below.

- When the pop-up appears, paste the NFT address you copied earlier and complete the registration.

4. Send NFT
- When adding NFT, the KEROZ NFT list is generated.
- Select Approve and proceed with Kakao authentication. (If Approve is not created, please proceed to the next step.)

- Select the Transfer button for the NFT you have.

- Enter the address of the Kaikas wallet to send the NFT and send it. (Proceed with the Kakao authentication)
- If the Kaikas wallet address is incorrect, the NFT may be lost. Please enter the correct address.




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