Miner Airdrop Compensation Notice

2 min readJul 3, 2022


On July 1st, we conducted Miner Airdrop for LAND Holder and Membership Role

Since then, we have confirmed that Airdrop has been carried out based on the wrong data for some wallets, and the contents are as follows.

For 73 wallets, the LAND and Membership Snapshot data were all changed to Magic due to a mistake in the data processing process and were airdropped.

Ex) For wallets that took snapshots with 1 Unique LAND, 1 Rare LAND, 10 Magic LANDs, and 1 Rare Membership, the data was changed to 12 Magic LANDs and 1 Magic Membership.

As a result, all 13 Miners were Airdropped from the Common to Unique range.

The list of wallet addresses corresponding to the above cases is as follows.

Wallet address that received the wrong Airdrop

As a result, even though it is a Unique Airdrop(Magic ~ Unique Miner), the Magic Airdrop(Common ~ Unique Miner) has progressed and received a Common or Fine Miner.

We would like to pay compensation to those who have been disadvantaged by such an error as follows.

Airdrop the remaining number of misses for Unique and Rare except for Airdrop for Magic (LAND, Membership).

Ex) For 1 Unique LAND, 1 Rare LAND, 10 Magic LANDs, and 1 Rare Membership snapshot shown above, Airdrop will be performed for 1 Unique LAND, 1 Rare LAND, and 1 Rare Membership except for ten Magic LANDs.

In addition, we will proceed with 1 Rare Airdrop (Fine-Unique) for each wallet that is not included in the compensation list.

Airdrop will proceed on 7/3 (UTC 09:30 KST 18:30).

We sincerely apologize for this situation and ask for your broad understanding.

The KEROZ team will do its best to prevent users from being disadvantaged by checking more carefully.

Thank you.




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