Miner’s Introduction

1 min readJul 1, 2022


Finally, Miner Airdrop has been completed.

Therefore, I would like to introduce Miner’s role and ability value.

ORE: It can mine basically and used for Miner Upgrade, Health purchase, etc.
A-ORE: Rare than ORE and can mine if lucky. It can be used for high-level Miner Upgrade, etc.

Miner has three types of attribute values.

STRENGTH: Affects the amount of Mining.
STAMINA: Affects the maximum HEALTH. Miner, which lacks HEALTH, cannot be mined.
LUCK: Affects the probability of Mining A-ORE.

It has default attribute values according to Miner’s Grade.

UNIQUE: Each attribute (STRENGTH, STAMINA, LUCK) has 100 points.
RARE: Each attribute has 60 points.
MAGIC: Each attribute has 40 points.
FINE: Each attribute has 20 points.
COMMON: Each attribute has 10 points.

Each attribute can increase through a Miner Upgrade.
Miner Upgrade will open with Mining in the future.

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