Notice of maintenance complete

  • For LANDs that have moved to KEROZUNIVERSE, you must press the Bonus Registration button to register to obtain a Free Jasper.
  • After registration, you can receive a Free Jasper for LANDs that are past the renewal time (UTC 03:00 KST 12:00).
  • For unregistered LANDs, a red dot is displayed.
  • Land that has not been renewed since registration will be marked with a clock icon.
  • Provides an additional FREE JASPER that can be obtained for one day.
  • Compensation will be provided individually after the inspection is completed.
  • After sending the LAND to KEROZ UNIVERSE, receiving a Free Jasper for the LAND should not be possible until after the renewal time, but it received it before the renewal time.
  • Rather than recalling it, we would like to compensate holders who have not received it.
  • The acquisition method of Free Jasper has been changed. (Refer to item 1)
  • For LANDs transferred to KEROZ UNIVERSE before the renewal today(07/22 UTC 03:00 KST 12:00), 500 Jaspers will be provided for each LAND.
  • Wallet received before renewal is excluded.
  • An error that Free Jasper was provided less than the quantity to be received when receiving it.
  • The acquisition method of Free Jasper has been changed. (refer to item 1)
  • If the amount received by Free Jasper is less than required, please let us know via the bug report, and we will provide it after checking.
  • There was an error in obtaining an abnormally large amount of Galena than the normal quantity.
  • We have modified the Galena so that it can be received normally.
  • We have adjusted the Galena quantity of users who received it for free to the Galena quantity that should have been received.



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Finally, Hack & Slash meets Crypto!🛡️ The KEROZ is an exciting action RPG that slashes away everything!⚔️