KEROZ, a blockchain-based project, said it signed a partnership with Naraola, a local instant photo booth franchise in Thailand, on September 8.

Naraola operates a franchise business of instant photo booths, which are popular in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia, and is expanding to Southeast Asian targets based in Thailand. The instant photo booth-related market size is growing in Southeast Asia, mainly in their 10s and 20s.

Naraola is located in the center of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with the largest floating population, and decided to develop co-branding with KEROZ, focusing on significant downtown areas such as SIAM, starting with Terminal 21, the first store.

Game branding is considered one of the key elements of game marketing in the game industry.
It recognizes the game in advance, has a familiar image, and plays a natural role in attracting customers in the future.

This partnership was conducted to promote KEROZ’s local offline brand and will carry out various brand marketing, such as a photo booth dedicated to KEROZ, a photo frame dedicated to KEROZ, and an event for KEROZ NFT holders.

Starting with Naraola’s partnership, KEROZ expects to continue to expand its Southeast Asian-based global promotion channels in the future.



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