Partnership 14. GAJA!Alice

Blockchain-based project KEROZ and Commseed Korea’s first NFT project GAJA!Alice announced on the 1st of December that they signed a partnership.

GAJA!Alice is a decentralized IP which will also apply an integrated universe connected to various games and metaverse promoted by Commseed Korea. It is expected to expand throughout the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem through a steady increase in value even after sales through the marketplace.

On October 20, Comseed Korea released the ‘GAJA!Alice’ teaser website. Based on the world-famous story of Alice in Wonderland, the official Twitter account is run by a character named ‘Cheshire Jones’, the motive of the original character Cheshire Cat.
The NFT design can be guessed from the profile photos and tweets of the GAJA!Alice team.

The Tokyo Mongz Hills Club project, underway at Hash Link under Commseed Japan, sold out the first and second minting quantities in August.

The signing of a partnership between KEROZ and GAJA! is expected to expand the blockchain ecosystem together in the future.
In addition, an airdrop event is being held for users who participated in the KEROZ and GAJA! Alice community channels at the same time as the partnership announcement (December 1 to 3)



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