Phase #1 THE MINING Open Notice

  • First, you must send KLEROS LAND and MINER to KEROZ UNIVERSE.
  • On the KEROZ INVENTORY page, you can select LAND or MINER to send it to KEROZ UNIVERSE.
  • You can also select and send multiple NFTs.
  • You will sign twice when you send it to KEROZ UNIVERSE. (KAIKAS and Metamask Wallet, the same)
  • The first signature is to request permission to send multiple at the same time, and the second signature is to send to KEROZ UNIVERSE.
  • After two signatures, when sending it to KEROZ UNIVERSE, you will only sign the NFT once.
  • If you sent LAND and MINER to KEROZ UNIVERSE, you are ready to start MINING.
  • MINER, who entered the KEROZ Universe for the first time, is full of ENERGY. (based on the wallet)
  • If a miner is exhausted due to a lack of ENERGY after mining, it cannot be mined, and ENERGY must be supplemented through FEEDING.
  • If the NFT is extracted from KEROZ UNIVERSE, sent to the inventory, and returned to KEROZ UNIVERSE again, ENERGY is not automatically replenished.
  • Once you start MINING, you will have to wait at least an hour before you can CLAIM.
  • Mining lasts up to 24 hours, and you should press the START MINING button again to start the MINING.
  • You can check FEED on the MANAGEMENT screen
  • When the mining is completed, MINER’S ENERGY is consumed.
  • You can buy HONEY with JASPER and fill the ENERGY of MINER.
  • The MINER in progress can not feed.
  • You can increase the capability of the MINER by upgrading the MINER.
  • The MINER can be upgraded up to 10 levels.
  • You can check the minimum and maximum capability values during the MINER Upgrade.
  • Capability values are given randomly.
  • The MINER in progress cannot upgrade.
  • KLEROS Land in KEROZ UNIVERSE provides FREE JASPER once a day.
    <500 JASPER per land>
  • FREE JASPER will renew at UTC 03:00(KST 12:00)
  • You can only receive LANDs that are sent to KEROZ UNIVERSE before the renewal time.
  • LANDs sent after the renewal will be available from the next renewal.
  • You can receive a certain number of Free Jaspers per KLEROS LAND every day.
  • You can select the CLICK TO EXTRACT button to move the NFT back to your wallet from KEROZ UNIVERSE.
  • You can check the transferred NFT again in INVENTORY.
  • Data on enhanced MINER can check in Opensea.
  • In case of the MINER capability value is not displayed, press the metadata update button in Opensea.



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