Reveal Page Announcement!

2 min readJun 7, 2022


Finally, Tomorrow, the Reveal page will be released.

We, KEROZ TEAM want to express our deep gratitude to the holders who have been waiting for the Reveal.

Reveal page opening time: June 8th (UTC 09:00 KST 18:00)

The Reveal page can be accessed through the KEROZ main website and will release through the community, such as Discord.

The Mint Pass Revel allows you to acquire 1 to 3 tiers of KLEROS LAND.

The probabilities for each tier are as follows:

Tier 1: 5%
Tier 2: 20%
Tier 3: 75%

1. Connect to the wallet

- Press the ‘CONNECT TO WALLET’ button and connect the wallet holding the Mint Pass

2. Mint Pass

- When you connect your wallet, you can check the Mint Pass list you have.

3. Mint Pass Reveal

(1) Select the Reveal menu on the left top.

(2) Select the Mint Pass you want to conduct the Reveal

(3) Press the ‘Start to Reveal’ button.

(4) Select the OK button in the Smart Contract.

* After some loading time, the Revealed Land appears.(Takes up to 10 seconds)


(1) Return to the inventory screen and select the KELROS LAND tab.
(2) I can check the list of KLEROS LAND that I have.

For more information, please click the link !




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